How to Play Craps

Be smart, play smart, and learn how to play craps the right way!

With the popularity of Vegas in the last few years, and with all of the large high-limit games available, you may be surmised that there are a lot of craps players out there. However, despite this popularity, many craps players are beginning to look for more manageable, easy-to-deal-with games that are available in the area. One of these games is craps game. Does this sound like something you like to play? This article tells you why.

Unlike high-limit games like Texas Hold ’em, craps is a game that you can learn and play with a lot of interest. Sure, if you are a high-limit player, you can whittle down a stack to a reasonable amount, but if you are a new player, you are likely to lose. This makes the game more interesting to play, and it also more fun. You might beat your friend down for being a “newbie” whiling away his hard-earned money, but you are also likely to enjoy the challenge of the game.

The main reasons that craps is appealing to certain players is that there is a lot of betting going on, and there is the prospect of winning a big amount of money. When a seasoned craps player faces a new shooter, they usually sit back and let the dice hit the back wall and the dice stick in the middle of the table. The fact that players can bet on so many different aspects of the game, appealing to the senses and the excitement level, combined with the fact that the game is played during the wee hours of the morning, means that players can build up to something quite significant over a period of time.

Common Sense

New players tend to lose their discipline a little when they are trying to convince themselves that they can beat a casino. In craps, take advantage of the fact that the casino allows so many different kinds of bets. Go against the grain and bet on the difficult numbers, rather than the easy ones. These are the numbers that have more of a chance of being rolled.

Read the Odds

If you can, research the layout of the layout of the craps table and determine, with your eyes closed, what the dealer is holding. You can mentally cross off the numbers as they are called, and see if the number appears on the layout. The numbers that appear have a higher likelihood of appearing than do numbers that do not appear. If you can determine that the number “12” is going to appear, then you can safely place a bet that the shooter is going to roll a 12. You have just as much a chance of winning as a 12 would appear, although the 12 is a little harder to roll.

The true odds behind a craps game are lower than other table games, such as blackjack, because the Vegas casino isn’t going to be taking a 20-cent chip and spinning it as a roulette wheel for a quite a while. Players can’t bet on a single number among the choices, so it’s easier to understand the odds. In addition to the lower odds, the Vegas casino is going to put a maximum of $25 on the table, so there are quite a few numbers that can roll, quite a few combinations, quite a few ways to win. Play the pass line and the don’t pass line, and bet smart.

Read the Instructions on the Board

Before you start to play, you need to read the instructions on the board. The rules are quite simple, and the stakes are low. Before you start to play, determine how many numbers you want to roll and buy the quantity of chips the retailer provides you. You are charged a dollar for each number that you want to roll, and you can bet as many chips on the number as you want.

Get a Quick Pick

Having so many number combinations to choose from can get a little confusing. The best way to pick numbers is to let the computer choose them for you. If you select your own numbers, you must also decide how many units to bet. You can bet a dollar, a quarter, a half or a whole dollar. The more you bet, the more the payout. However, since your odds are lower, you also have a higher chance of losing.

The Payouts and Odds of Craps

Casino craps is a type of dice game that involves throwing a dice in craps. The craps table is surrounded by players who are betting on the outcome of the roll or the throw. However, the casino craps layout has some advanced bets that can be taken only by players with the expert skill of rolling the dice. The casino craps layout relates the payout of the different bets to the odds of rolling a number.