Are Consistent Returns on Sports Betting a Myth?

There are many myths about making money from betting on the horses. Is it really possible? Let’s look at the evidence to see whether consistent returns is a myth or not.

There are many who bet on horse races. A large percentage of punters lose money year on year, some win but many lose. The question you can ask yourself is, what percentage of horses win and, more importantly, do you know enough about horse racing to make consistent returns with the knowledge you have.

Only a few professionals, usually those working in fields related to horses or horse racing gamble regularly. Such professionals can hope to make regular profits from betting on horses.

On the face of it, you could doubt whether or not the races bookmakers would go to the trouble of offering regular returns to allow a punter to make money with the knowledge they have. Bookmakers don’t offer juicy top prices because they are worried about losing their own business – they just want to make a profit.

However, the truth there is that many of the people who go to work as bookmakers, or employ a strategy that bets on horses, lose money. So many that they have set up betting companies to offer these people, so that they can try to recoup their losses.

The system these companies use is to offer odds using a particular staking system. The odds are usually 5/2 or 4/1, which means, they will pay out at least £5 for every £1 bet they stake. The idea is, if you have a percentage of successful bets, you can build up a large investment to bet with.

However, many people, frustrated at not being able to get returns under the current economic system, have set up their own systems. These systems offer consistent returns and, with just a little time and effort, can allow you to double or treble your money.

The way to do it is tourable, so that you can bet highim convertible odds such as:

When you bet on an event, it is likely that you will have some sort of a horses progress against your bet, say for example, that the number 8 is more likely to win than the number 45.

On the other hand, to bet on a dogs probability of winning, you just use the following, where the number is the decimal number:

Let’s just imagine we bet 50 units on the favourite to win 50 units on the underdog.

The system says the odds of the favourite winning is, 0.85:1, or about 33%, and the odds of the underdog winning is, 1.45:1, or about 22%.

If we bet, lets say, $50 on the favourite, we will be paid $75. If we bet the same amount of money on the underdog, we will be paid $95.That is a $3/$5 differential in the odds for the favourite and the underdog.

Obviously, we are back to even money, or 33%/$22 ratio, even though the favourite may win the game.

The point is that you have the odds in your favour, but, if you follow the same process, you will not win gold. You will win the same amount of money, but not win gold.

What Are the Odds of a Horse Purchasing a Flat Pass Line Bet?

Online, you may place an order for a race by specify the odds, the type of bet and the stakes. You then wait for the betting to finish and you will either have won, or lost.

In a bricks and mortar casino, you have to worry about the dealer or floor person and how to handle the bets. You may be given a bet,where you lay some chips on the outcome of the race. If you lose, you have to pick up your chips from the table.

Does the Flat Pass Line Betting System Really Work?

If you believe the hype, you will probably never see a program offering a consistent profit for its users. I will tell you that I have personally tried one of these programs and the results were so poor, that it is no wonder that such hype cannot produce profitable results for its users.

Although it is not the end of the world, a self proclaimed expert may just be looking for a new way to promote their new program on the internet. A lot of people will believe the hype and flutter in when the system is first released. Then, a few will see the light and come to a wiser view of the same thing.

Hockey Betting systems, when used correctly, can actually be profitable. The gut feeling you have about a certain team winning is not always the right one. reviewers of hockey betting systems have found that the most successful systems use multiple statistical methods to analyze the data stream and select strategic betting destinations. The final selected bet is then placed using a strategy.